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P r o d u c t s

What does a term generic medication mean?

To those who never happened to come across the term of generic drug it may seem unusual. But it is quite simple. When you come to a drug store you can choose from the medications produced by famous companies, carrying an easily recognizable brand name and just simple medications that can be characterized as from "no one". The latter considered as generics. Actually, there is no great difference between the trade mark aspirin and just simple aspirin. They always have the same ingredients as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, it's just that you have to pay more for the brand. When you take a generic drug it is the same either in dose or effect or safety, just no brand name.

What is the reason of the difference in price between the generic and the brand name pills?

Brand name always cost more than the product by a not well-known company.

Well-known trade-mark companies actually develop new drugs that must be proved as efficient and safe and then advertised accordingly. Research and development, gaining an approval for the manufacturing and advertising campaigns cost money and that is why pharmaceutical companies sell their products at an escalated price for all that to be profitable.

When it goes to generic drugs the story is different. The manufacturers of generic medications do not deal with the invention of new drugs. They produce bioequivalent versions of the already existing medications. So, as they do not develop new stuff they do not have to prove it as safe and right, instead, just prove that the generic medication being bioequivalent to the drug that already exists. What concerns advertising, there is no need to run a large and expensive promotion campaign as the generic drugs sold by the manufacturers are already well-known and it is unnecessary to draw additional attention to them.

And so here goes the difference: while the manufacturers of the generic medications not spending money on the expensive researches, not having costly clinical trials and not laying out money on advertising, they can as a matter of fact charge their customers less offering the same quality.

Where do you deliver these pills from?

We offer Indian production and as it is quite far and we want to make sure that everything is in stock, so it is normal for a delivery to take from two to three weeks depending on the order.

What about FDA approval?

The products we offer has FDA of India approval, all the necessary and required tests were made to the medications so they proved to be safe and efficient and meeting the standards.


In case you think of purchasing the medication that needs special prescription in your country it is required that you send us this prescription after you make the order.

How do Soft and Regular pills differ from each other? I ordered "soft" tabs but received hard instead!

The difference between "soft" and "regular" is in the method of use. There are pills that are taken sublingual. They are supposed to dissolve when put under the tongue. Others should be taken together with water and swallowed. They are both alike and hard in appearance, just the former are called "soft", the latter are "regular".

S h i p p i n g

Where are the pills delivered from?
The pills are Indian. We are very conscious about the availability of the products so that is why all the requests are sent directly to the Indian manufacturers.

How can you deliver the product?

We provide with the two main ways of delivering:
  • Trackable Courier Service
  • International Unregistered Mail
What countries do you ship orders to? What are the shipping costs? How long does the delivery take?
Questions Trackable Courier Service International Unregistered Mail
What is the shipping period? 5-9 working days 14-21 week days
What are the delivery costs? 20.00$ per package FREE
What is the list of countries that the product can be delivered to? This option isn't available for Austria, Belgium, Finland and Sweden Worldwide
How are the orders delivered? Is my signature necessary?

As it has already been mentioned the ways of delivery are different. Standard unregistered mail doesn't require any signature; you will get your order in a usual way delivered by the postman to your mailbox. But it goes a little bit different when sent by a courier as the package will require a recipient's signature. In both cases it is the package doesn't give a clue of what it contains but it will be delivered in a discreet packaging and not just simple envelopes. But you must not be troubled about your personal information to be sold or given to some third party as we are very concerned about our customers'.

Will the size of my order affect the way of delivery (i.e. split into two packages)?

In order to make the shipping more secure and make sure the recipient will get their order full and complete we can carry out a separation (i.e. split the order into several different packages).It can occur if an order contains various kinds of drugs or when there are 90 or more pills in one order. So you will have to wait more than 3 weeks for all the packages to be delivered as they will be sent in 7 days one after another.

What should I do if I don't get the order in time?

We are very much concerned about the customer's being satisfied with our products and the quality of services. If there might be a case of delivery failure the customer will be offered a free replacement or you will get your money back!

O r d e r i n g

How can I be sure in the security of your site?


You may rely on us in being confidential about your personal information. It is neither supposed to be given away to any third parties or publicly announced anywhere and is treated as such. You give your information for us to ship you the goods ordered, send a confirmation letter or in case we need to contact you directly.


All credit cards operations are computerized and that means no human assess from the side or our stuff. Our payment system is quite secure with the usage of 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. It is responsible for your personal information being encrypted well.

How can I pay?
Credit card payment Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards
E-check payment A quite convenient way to electronically transfer funds that presupposes withdrawal of money from a (usually checking) bank account without using written checks.
Wire transfer If you want to transfer funds from one entity to another you can use a wire transfer. They can be done by a simple bank account transfer, or also by transferring cash at a cash office.

Do you ensure money back?

Yes, if there is any case of dissatisfaction from the side of the customer we guarantee that you will get your money back Refund Policy

How do I differentiate between the pills with "SR, ER, XR, XL, TR, CR" abbreviates?

When you come across so many abbreviations there is no surprise that you feel puzzled. But the explanation is not that complicated as it seems to be. The abbreviation SR stands for sustained-release pills, ER, XR, or XL usually goes for extended-release pills, TR means time-release or timed-release pills, CR or Contin abbreviates controlled-release or they are also called continuous-release pills. All of them appear to be just tablets containing a medication. When they get into the organism their purpose is to dissolve and let the drug work and produce its effect with time. For example, sustained-release pills are advantageous because there is no need to take them very frequently and they are able to keep the drug rate in blood rather continuously. A sustained release pill may consist of the matrix (usually made of some insoluble substance) and an active ingredient that to penetrate it somehow in order to dissolve in the organism and produce effect.

Definite rules exist on the point of a sustained release formulation
Active compounds with long half-life sustain by themselves; no matter how much time does it take the active part to release if its activity has nothing to do with the blood level; there might be a problem with a time-release product in case its active ingredient needs active transport to be absorbed; for a short half-life compound there might be a necessity to increase the amount of a medication taken so that it could produce its effect longer. For the last case in order to avoid unwanted toxicity it is better to consult a doctor.

Speaking about controlled release and prolonged release there should be said that they are not the same. When it comes for the controlled release, whatever the concentration the medication releases anyway with some time. But it goes differently with sustained release as it means medication releasing slowly requiring a period of time. And it might be controlled as well as not.

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Advantages of Generic Medications

Generic Medications - CHEAPEST!

Generic drugs are safe, effective and FDA-approved. Generic drugs are the same as band-name drugs in dosage, safety, strength, usage, quality and performance. Plus, you will get these at amazingly low prices, hight quality - 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Question: Are generic prescription drugs equal to brand name drugs?

Answer #1: Yes generic prescription drugs are equal to brand. more...

Answer #2: Nearly all generic drugs are considered equivalent or equal to their brand name equivalent, more...

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