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Cifran, Cipract, Floxip

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Similar Brands: Cipro
Generic Name: Ciprofloxacin
Manufacturers: Ranbaxy, Piramal
Package: pills
Dosage: 250/500/750/1000mg
Shipping: F R E E*

Generic Cipro
Generic Cipro 250/500/750/1000mg

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    250mg × 30 $1.25$37.36
    250mg × 60 $1.02$61.37
    250mg × 90 $0.87$78.52
    250mg × 120 $0.77$92.24

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    500mg × 30 $1.47$44.22
    500mg × 60 $1.14$68.23
    500mg × 90 $1.02$92.24
    500mg × 120 $0.85$102.53
    500mg × 180 $0.74$133.40

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    750mg × 32 $1.92$61.37
    750mg × 60 $1.71$102.53
    750mg × 92 $1.60$147.12
    750mg × 120 $1.54$184.85

PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    1000mg × 30 $2.62$78.52
    1000mg × 60 $2.34$140.26
    1000mg × 90 $2.24$202.00
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Ciprofloxacin tablet

Ciprofloxacin in some countries is an ingredient of: Apo-Ciproflox, C-Flox, CiloQuin, Ciprol, Ciproxin, Profloxin, Proquin

Cipro. The remedy belongs to a class of fluoroquinolone antibiotics taken to cure bacterial infections.

Before taking

You may require additional monitoring for your dosage and state if you take other antibiotics, theophylline products, sucralfate, warfarin, glyburide, clozapine, probenecid, live vaccines, quinapril, ropinirole, or cyclosporine. Speak with your pharmacist or physician for additional information.

Consult your pharmacist or physician if you possess any concerns or questions about how to use the medical remedy. Adolescents or children under 18 are not recommended to take this remedy. Consult with your health care provider over the advantages and risks of treating your child with the remedy.


Use the directions for taking Cipro prescribed by your physician. This medical remedy is supplied with patient info prescription. Look through it thoroughly. Ask your physician, doctor or nurse questions on this medicine that may occur in your mind. This remedy can be used both with food and on an empty stomach.

Consume a glass of water for every dosage. Consume some additional glasses of water every day, before your physician directs otherwise. Don't consume any products which contain aluminum, calcium or magnesium for the period of 6 hours before or 2 hours after using the remedy. Consult your pharmacist or physician if you possess any concerns or questions about how to use the medical remedy. To get rid of your disease completely, go on using the remedy for the whole course of treatment even in case you feel better in some days. Don't skip the doses.


Don't use Cipro if you've experience a strong allergic reaction to this medicinal preparation or other fluoroquinolone antibiotics (as ofloxacin, levofloxacin).

Follow all laboratory or physician appointments for the time you're taking this remedy. The use of this remedy may result in dizziness. Taking this remedy alone, or in conjunction with other medical remedies and alcohol may result in lack of ability to operate dangerous actions. Do not take a lot of meals, containing coffee, or beverages as tea, cola drinks, coffee, and chocolate, while using this remedy, as caffeine's effects can be enhanced. Before starting to take any medicinal remedy, both prescribed or not, consult your pharmacist or physician.

Possible Negative Effects

Adverse effects can happen if using this remedy, as loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, or vision changes for the first several days as the organism's adjustment to the remedy. If they are continuous or bother you, contact your physician. Consult your doctor immediately if you suffer from skin reaction like from a sunburn (sun sensibility), or continuous and strong diarrhea.

Check your physician as soon as possible if you're exposed to mood or mental changes, seizures, fever or strong sore throat, swelling of tongue or throat, irregular pulse, abdominal pains, stomach pain, dark urine, yellowing skin and eyes, strange change in the quantity of urine or strange tiredness.

Remedy overdose

If you have an overdose, inform a local hospital or poison control centre as soon as possible.

Detailed information

If the result can't be seen or if your condition is even worse, contact your physician. Don't give this remedy to the others who don't have a prescription.

Don't take this remedy for other diseases or other health states. You may need another medicinal remedy in these conditions. Store this remedy out of pets' and children's reach.

Medicine interactions

Cipro interactions can lead to unknown adverse conditions or lessen the remedy's effect. Some medical remedies or medical states can interact with the remedy. Contact your doctor or physician of all prescribed and non-prescribed remedies you use.

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